In The Media

Professional Organizers are often sought after by news media as experts in their respective fields. These are media spots and articles in which our members have been featured:  



 February 2021, - Diana Moll of D's Decluttrr, LLC was featured in Gables Living Magazine's Business Profile.  Read the article here.

February 2021 - Tatiana Knight of Neat with Knight was quoted in a Redfin blog - "11 Ways to Eliminate Office Clutter and Improve Organization."   See her tips under "Keep All Your Work in a Dedicated Space."





February 2021 - Stacey Lewis of Purge Monsters had a photo of one of her wrapping station projects featured in Jenny Morin's new book "Get Organized Quick" in both paperback and Kindle editions available on Amazon.


January 2021 - Daniele Vieria of Daniele Organizer was interviewed for The Boca Raton Observer in the article Ready, Set, Cook on page 40.







May 2020 - Tatiana Knight of Neat with Knight was featured at Estatenvy "How To Stay Organzied While Working from Home"





May 2020 - Tatiana Knight of Neat with knight was quoted at Estatenvy "How Cleaning and Decluttering Lead to Less Stress".





May 2020 - Lisa Haubenstock of Lisa The Organizer had an article published at The Parklander.




April 2020 - Tatiana Knight-Casas of Neat with Knight was quoted in The Miami Herald article "Clearing your clutter during the Coronavirus isolation?  Here's what to do with all that stuff.




January, 2020 - Ilene Becker of I Declutter U was featured on a cable interview by Caregiver Solutions.  






November, 2019 - Christina Morris of Morris Organizing was interviewed by Voyage MIA e-magazine.  Read the in-deptth interview here.




August 2019 - Stacey Lewis had her article "A Place for Everything" published in the Coconut Creek Lifestyle magazaine.






May 2019 - Tatiana Knight-Casas of Neat with Knight was interviewedf for Ocean Drive magazine.  Read the article - "This Expert Can Help You Create the Closet of Your Dreams."





March 2019 - Christina Morris had an article published in her church's Mom's Magazine:  "Teaching Children the Art of Letting Go."



March/April 2019 - Rona Trachtenberg's article "Are Your Treasures Really Valuable" was published in the South Coast Prime Times on pages 14-15.



February 2019 - Rona Tracthenberg was published in The South Coast Insider. Her article "Get Organized in 4 Easy Steps" appears on pages 24-25.




November 2018 - Sarah Giller Nelson was featured on the Livin blog.  






2018 - Suhuy Cruz of Susu's Creations was featured in an article in online magazine VoyageMIA.  Read the article.





September 2018 - Sarah Giller Nelson was quoted in the September issue of Real Simple magazine.  The article is entitled 7 Strategies to Unclutter Your Busy Calendar and Minimize Stress.




August 2018 - Kendra Fletcher of Life Organized appeared in a segment on Designing Spaces where she helped a family declutter and freshen their home - Deordorize and Declutter






May 2017 - Tatiana Knight of Neat with Knight appears in two additional Designing Spaces TV show segments - "Innovative Kitchen Tools" and "Organizing for Kids in the Kitchen"





March 2017 -Sarah Giller Nelson of Less is More Organizers was mentioned in Modern Luxury Miami magazine's article on Spring Cleaning.









October 2016 - Virginia Brown of Miami Neat was quoted in the Reader's Digest article - "8 Things Professional Organizers Do Before Bed".




October 2016 - Tatiana Knight was featured in a Designing Spaces TV Show segment - "How to Squeeze Extra Storage Out of Any Closet".  





October 2016 - The article "Organizing for Kids" by Tatiana Knight was published in the Doral Community Newspaper.









July 2016 - "Organized Beach Day", an article by Tatiana Knight was published online and in print at Miami's Community Newspapers.





Archives 2009 - 2016

June 2016 - Tatiana Knight's "Pro's packing tips for air travel" was published in the Miami Springs River Cities Gazette 6/25/16.

June 2016 - Beth Levin was featured in the Miami Herald South Florida Home section.  Her article, "An Organized Closet Can Make Live Easier" gave tips on creating and organizing your closet so you can find everything easier. 

April 2016 - Congratulations to Michelle Worthington, who is now a Certified Professional Organizer®! News of Michelle's certification was announced in the following:

April 2016 - South West Business Journal - People On The Move

April 2016 - Sun Sentinel - Business Section 

May 2, 2016 - Palm Beach Post - Local Business

March 2016 - Michelle Worthington  was quoted in the South Florida Sun Sentinel Home & Decor Section in the article "Taming the Technology Beast: Tips on Merging Hi-Tech with High Style".

March 2016  -  Tatiana Knight -Casas was featured in the Miami Community Newspapers with her article, "The Container Store makes house calls in South Florida"  

March 2016 - Michelle Worthington was interviewed by WPTV West Palm Beach NBC's Mike Trim on tips to get you organized! View the segment here: Top 5 Ways to Organize to Save Time and Money

February, 2016 - Jennifer Alman, Gayle Jacobs, Tatiana Knight, and Michelle Worthington were organizers in a Season 8 episode of A&E’s popular and Prime Time Emmy Nominated series, HOARDERS.  The four NAPO South Florida organizers worked behind the scenes with show experts, Mark Pfeffer (therapist) and Standolyn Robertson (Professional Organizer and former NAPO president), 1-800-GOT-JUNK, and other services to assist a hoarder facing a crisis situation in Florida. The show titled ‘Sybil and Ron’ premiered March 6, 2016. For more information on the series, please visit


December, 2015 - Tatiana Knight-Casas' article Organizing for a Wedding was published in the December 7, 2015 edition of the Doral Community Newspaper.

November, 2015 - Michelle Worthington was quoted in the November 2015 City and Shore's Prime Magazine article, Growing Pains: How to tell – and what to do – when your home no longer fits your lifestyle.

October, 2015 - Kelly Barber was quoted in the October 13, 2015 Miami Herald article, Declutter your life — and your home.

August, 2015 - Diane Hatcher was interviewed and quoted for an article, Mom of 7 is air traffic controller, lawyer and master juggler of daily activities, published on August 18, 2015 in the Miami Herald

August, 2015 - Diane Hatcher was interviewed and quoted for a Miami Herald article Have a plan to
ensure a smooth return to work after a vacation that was published on August 11, 2015. 

March, 2015 - Michelle Worthington's appointment as President of NAPO South Florida was announced in the People on the Move  section of

March, 2015 - Tatiana Knight, Beth Levin and Kelly Barber were recently quoted on the Miami page of  See them here.

March, 2015 - Ilene Becker was quoted in the West Boca City News regarding Alzheimer's.  Ilene is a member of the Boca Walk to End Alzheimer’s Committee.

March, 2015 - Tatiana Knight's article "How to Organize Your Shoe Collection" is being published in the River Cities Gazette & the Doral Community Newspaper.

January, 2015 - Beth Levin, The Closet Queen, has recently been featured in several articles.  Beth shared her expertise in two articles on What’s Cookin’? Smart Storage Tips for Recipe Books and 9 Great Ideas for Storing Bulk Buys.  Beth was also quoted in two Miami Herald articles, Get Home Ready for the Holidays and Organize the Kitchen for the New Year.

January, 2015 - Tatiana Knight's article Procrastination and Disorganization was reviewed in the December 2014/January 2015 ICD Chronical, in CD Issues in the Media on page 5. 


October, 2014 - NAPO South Florida's first 'Clear Your Clutter' event was announced in Boca News Now on October 17th (link) and the Sun Sentinel on October 14th (link).   This contributed to a great turnout and successful event for the Chapter.  NAPO SF received more publicity following the event in the Sun Sentinel on October 21st (link). 

September, 2014 - Patty Ribera of Critical Organizing authored the feature article, It's Back to School Again!, in the September/October issue of NAPO News.  In the article, Patty encourages organizers to explore NAPO's education offerings, find their interests, and focus on their educational development.

September, 2014 - Christina Morris of Morris Organizing shared her expert advice about photo organizing in the 9/4/2014 radio podcast "The Home Movie Legacy Project"

July, 2014 - Two of our members were featured in the July/August NAPO News!  Suzy Wilkoff of Tasks Unlimited with her article Communicating with Prospective Clients, and Patty Ribera of Critical Organizing with her article New, Exciting Changes within Education.  Patty has also been appointed as NAPO National’s Education Committee Chair. Congratulations!

June, 2014 - In addition to being published in The Miami Herald's River Cities Gazette, Tatiana Knight's organizing articles will now also appear in Miami's Community Newspapers Doral Tribune.  You can read her latest article on Page 18 of the Doral Tribune, Here is How to Declutter Before a Yard Sale.

April, 2014 - Suzy Wilkoff of Tasks Unlimited shared her expertise in the cover story Helping Clients Overcome Information Overload published in the April/May issue of the ICD Chronicle.

April, 2014 - Gayle Jacobs of Actually Organized, LLC was quoted in the article Spring cleaning helps organize your office - and your head published in the business section of the Miami Herald on April 8, 2014.

February, 2014 - Suzy Wilkoff of Tasks Unlimited was quoted throughout the article “What should you shred? What should you keep?” published in the 2/26/14 edition of the LaPorte Herald-Argus newspaper in LaPorte, Indiana.

February, 2014 - Suzy Wilkoff of Tasks Unlimited was featured in the article “Clearing Clutter and Getting Organized” in the February 2014 issue of Parenting Plus of the Palm Beaches and the Treasure Coast.

February, 2014 – Bonnie Edson of Starfish Business Services was featured in the Spring 2014 edition of Blessed Living Women's E-Magazine with her article on pages 40 – 43.

January, 2014 - Gayle Jacobs of Actually Organized, LLC was recognized for her volunteer work with Neighbors 4 Neighbors benefiting Casa Valentina, Inc., an affordable housing and life skills program for youth who have aged out of foster care in Miami-Dade County.  Read the complete article.

January, 2014 - Tatiana Knight of Neat with Knight was featured on Alicia Menendez Tonight on channel FUS/Fios.  Watch the video here of Tatiana sharing her professional tips and advice for closet organizing success!

January, 2014 - Chapter members Kelly Barber, Barbara Powell, Jaura Johnston and Ximena Lopez were featured in an article in the Boca Observer with tips for getting organized in 2014.  Read the complete article.


November, 2013 - Suzy Wilkoff was included in the OrganizeDIY's website article "45 Organizing Tips from Around the World."  It's tip number 13.

October, 2013 - Michelle Katzman's article on Financial Organizing was featured in Plumb Talk Women's E-Newsletter.

October, 2013 - BlueIvy Communications sent out a press release to local media outlets to spread the word about the Professional Organizing industry, NAPO and the NAPO South Florida Chapter.  The press release was picked up by e-newsletter Palm Beach Live Work Play!

September, 2013 - Many of our South Florida Chapter members were featured in the lastest NAPO National video!

September, 2013 - Tatiana Knight of Neat with Knight will be writing a monthly column for The Miami Herald's River Cities Gazette.  See her first article on Back to School Organizing here.

Chapter member Suzy Wilkoff's article, My Favorite Collaboration Partners, appeared in the June/July issue of the ICD Chronicle.  The article begins on page 1 and continues on page 7.  Click here to view.

Gayle Jacobs of Actually Organized was featured in a Neighbors 4 Neighbors video for her volunteer work at Helping Feels Good.  This group assists young adults aging out of the foster care system.  Watch video

Michelle Worthington and Worthy Spaces was also featured in a Sun-Sentinel article.

Michele Worthington's article was featured in Palm Beach Live Work Play e-newsletter with her "Worthy" Tips for a Successful New Year.


Marcie Katz was featured in "Remodeling Resolutions for the New Year: Tips and Trends for Improving Homes in 2013" in the "Spaces" section of Florida Today on Saturday, December 29, 2012.  Click for story.

Michelle Katzman and Patty Ribera were featured in videos in the September 20th NAPO Now providing tips for National Preparedness Month.  Click to watch Michelle's tips for businesses and Patty's tips for seniors..

Diane Hatcher, Catherine Gallagher and Beth Levin in the Sun-Sentinel, July 8, 2012 with tips on decluttering your home.

Michelle Katzman and Suzy Wilkoff in Parklander Magazine, April, 2012 (pages 26-27) with tips on organizing your closets and your paperwork.

Jen Alman worked on A&E Hoarders March 5, 2012 and in Our City Weston Magazine (page 89.)  Our Associate Member Junktique Collector did the final clean out on the show.  Congratulations Michael and Vicki!

Michelle Katzman article in February SeaBreeze Publications

Gail Biers' article about how the South Florida Chapter provided incredible support appeared in the March/April edition of NAPO News.

Pat Ribera was featured in the December issue of Viking Magazine entitled "Getting Your Financial House in Order."


Gayle Jacobs was interviewed for an article in the Dec. 31, 2011 Home Section of The Miami Herald

Suzy Wilkoff was guest blogger about Leadership on Marv Russell's website, November, 2011

Jen Alman was recognized in Weston Magazine for her work with JAFCO, October 2011

Suzy Wilkoff had an article published in Palm Beach Woman Magazine, October, 2011

Diane Hatcher was quoted on the Miami Herald’s website for a Halloween Survival Guide to Parents. (Scroll down below the picture of the candy.) , October, 2011

Professional Home Organizers Turn Chaos into Composition- from Treasure Coast News May 2011


Organizing Excellence Award 2010

Suzy Wilkoff - "Married to Your Job?" in Single Minded Women


Diane Hatcher - "Points of Order" in Sun-Sentinel on January 9, 2009

NAPO South Florida - "Professional Organizers Volunteer Services to Daily Bread Food Bank" in

NAPO South Florida - "Organizers Celebrate Get Organized Month" in

Claudine Motto and Laura Johnston - "A Holiday Postmortem: Organizing Tips for Next Season" in The Palm Beach Post